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Robert Pattinson (Part 1)

on January 03, 2009

Alright, this is old news --but i like old news. Robert Pattinson is hot and sexy, no, not because he plays Edward Cullen but because he's one of the funniest people.

I honestly don't think that he's THAT handsome whenever he's just being Robert, but he's so witty, I could hardly contain my obsession. LOLz.

Robert: I get texts saying, are we still on for the marriage on friday? You're not getting cold feet? - 0:43


Interviewer: .. her website telling people to bring paper bags to the movie.

Robert: Why? To throw up? - 1:11 (to hyperventilate you dog you! hahaha!)


Kristen Stewart: Can you? Can you do it?

Robert: I thought I was already doing it. - 1:38


Robert: I remember I stopped reading it when it said that even win the rain he looked like he was in an underwear commercial or something. - 3:16

Robert: .. so don't you want to ask me how it feels like to be the most beautiful guy in the world? Ask me how it feels. Go on.. - 2:18 (repeated this like a bazillion times. hehe.)


Robert: .. on the fourth of July, we just sacrifice Americans in England. - 3:29

Interviewer: So how well do you guys know each other?

Robert: I know Rachel, I know Richelle, what are you Rachel? - 0:29


Interviewer: How do women react in real life when you try to kiss them?

Robert: Uhh.. How could I remember, I haven't kissed anybody in ages. - 1:45 (really?)


Interviewer: You wore those yesterday?

Robert: (laughs) Yeah, Pretty much the last three weeks. - 1:54


Robert: 'Cause everyone's like "oh, everyone must be throwing themselves at you". I was like no! Throw yourselves at me!

Interviewer: The next time you're out in public, you want people to throw themselves at you?

Robert: Yeah! - 4:18

Robert: I just like to say like .. hey, I'm the leader of the free world. What do you do? Loser. (bwahahaha!) - 0:59


Robert: See these mothers, these mothers are always getting in the way. - 3:11


Robert: Geez! I can't even concentrate! I just wanna play the hottest vampire in the world! - 3:42


Robert: People like screaming at me. Actually they like screaming at me in relationships as well. - 4:24


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