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Starcraft 2.0

on December 20, 2008

Is this game ever going to come out? A demo of the game was posted on youtube early this year and there's still no sign of it in the market. I'm thinking, I still have to wait a couple of months for illegals to pirate the original, so hurry up!

I'm already seeing Blizzard and the whole of South Korea throwing stones at me for that last sentence. Ouch! Well, I'm just thankful that I already finished college, I have no more classes to miss and quizzes to fail if I play this game. Hahaha!


For fans all over the world, the idea of Starcraft II happening in the near future is kind of surreal and orgasmic. Hell. It's about time!


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perfume said...

This would be a great new version of starcraft. I watched on Arirang sometimes here in Philippines on the video games competition like starcraft and counterstrike. I am not really a good player as I always lose to my classmates before.

i am nobe. said...

@keanxy: yeheeey!

Anonymous said...

very nice blog.. interesting game.
when you have time stop by on eof my blogs thanks,

i am nobe. said...

@carol: it is indeed very interesting. im an addict!

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