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Robert Pattinson (Part 2)

on January 03, 2009

Gah! He's one of the most quotable persons I see on TV. He's practically wearing his heart on his forehead. LOLz. I bet he'd make a lot of money doing stand-up comedy. Hehe.

For some reason, I find it hard to believe that he and "Edward Cullen" are one and the same.

Robert: People ask me what your motivation? I just kind of, I go on a plane, Yeah, and I went to Oregon, and, ahhh, that's it." - 3:22

Heidi Klum: I was just wondering if it took a while or if it comes like that naturally.

Robert: It comes straight out of the books. - 0:28


Robert: She's the one who dictates it. I'm just like the tool. I'm a tool. I'm a hard tool. - 2:42


Interviewer: What was your standard reaction if someone says "Bite Me"?

Robert: I say I will if you'll get ten tickets. - 3:54 (he probably had no idea that twilight will be such a huge hit!)


Interviewer: .. and your bedroom I have to say like there are no beds so that could get, awkward.

Robert: Umm, I'll go to her place.

Interviewer: OH better! but then you have to worry about dad.

Robert: Yeah, but, you know, I could always kill him too. (hahaha!) - 4:01

Tyra Banks: So are you guys dating? You're dating?

Robert: Me and Taylor? - 0:42


Interviewer: Really? So what do you like to be called?

Robert: I don't know like, Spunk.. Ransom Spunk or Spunk Ransom. - 2:10


Girl: How do you like being known as, well, one of the most handsome guy in America.. cause I want you baby! Woohoo! (this girl just made my day. ahahaha!)

Robert: Well, you know, I reckon most people, if they talked to me for like two minutes and it's all, all gone. Seriously. - 3:02


Robert: This is what I am. I don't have a six pack Bella! - 4:24

Robert: I'm not gonna say anything interesting, don't worry about it.


Interviewer:You wanted to be a rapper when you were a kid. Did you have a rapper name plans?

Robert: This is so embarassing, just talking about it. I wasn't like a serious rapper or anything. I thought I was at that time.

Interviewer: Alright, what was the name?

Robert: Aah, what was the name, aah, Big Tub. - 0:25


Robert: I'm one of the sexiest people in the world now. Really? Who decided that? - 1:03


Robert: He just wants to take his shirt off.. Shirt off! Shirt off! - 3:45


Fan: Bite Me!

Robert: Who's that? I'll talk to my manager. I'll see what I can do.- 4:08


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