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Make me Babies

on December 18, 2008

makemebabies.com is the coolest! It gives me a preview of what my offspring would be like without having to wait for nine months. All I have to do is upload me and my husbands picture and viola! An instant baby in 30 seconds.

Heres our little virtual bundle of joy. Cute eh!

.. and this is how he's going to look like if he's African. LOLz.


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PinoyApache said...

hehehehehe....for an old man he sure has good reflexes. i wonder if he could dodge a rocket from an RPG instead of shoes? BTW, the the Iraqi guy deserves another pair of shoes if he promised to behave next time. Merry Christmas!

i am nobe. said...

RPG? hahaha! good point. mr. president should thank the heavens it wasn't a bullet or something. :)

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