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Sterling Silver Jewellery

on November 14, 2008

I prefer silver. That’s compared to the traditional gold ensemble that I see in pretty much every female anatomy that matters. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing gold pieces on SOME women, just not myself.

One thing I can’t stand though are men wearing golden anything that looks like just a few tons lighter than a boulder. Hello! Hey look like guys who just came back from Saudi.

Err, uhm, no offense to guys who just came back from Saudi. Point is, I find silver jewellery more elegant and classy. I know, I’m a boring person. I like things that don’t glitter as much. In the first place, attracting muggers and social climbers are really not my cup of tea. LOLz.

On the other hand, I came across another site which sells
sterling silver jewellery. Hmm.. sterling silver bracelets and silver bangles.. what’s not to like?

I heard the silver pieces are imported directly from Thailand. So Thailand has a fewer more things to offer than cheap shopping, amazing vagina shows and the longest names in the world huh?

Apparently, this company also don’t charge anything for deliveries to anywhere in the world. It sounds too good to be true because I hardly even hear about companies that do that these days, but who knows? The second coming is probably nearer than we thought. Haha. Joke.


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Anonymous said...

i love titanium better. silver will oxidize over a period of time.. too bad i can't find a titanium shop in the philippines..

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