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Home Business

on November 17, 2008

Most of the people I know, even the rich ones, seem to want to get out of the country fast. Except for my fear of the plane I’m in crashing down the Bermuda Triangle and being away from the limelight, it seems to be a neat option to escape poverty and parental control. LOLz..

I’m not even thinking about it though. What? Me? Spending my spare time ordering a single pizza in a shabby apartment? In Honduras? No! No! No! I want to go to Europe or America for a vacation, not actually live there! Not to mention be the subject of involuntary acts of racism. I’m used to being the accidental racist in my area. Hehe.

The horror of being away from home, away from my boys, is simply unthinkable. I have to consider a few more
home business options other than selling fake Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirts.

I’ve been reading a few important websites on how to make money online since the internet is already my second life. Wait that didn’t come out right did it? LOLz. What I mean is that when I’m not busy being an all around wife and mommy, you can see me in front of the computer neglecting all my duties. Hehe.


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