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Small Talk

on November 11, 2008

We are moving to a new home in a couple of days, so we spend our hot wednesday afternoons mixing enamel paints. Having small talk and silly conversations are almost always inevitable at these times. Here's a sample..

Husband: (singing while mixing white paint with a blue tinting color) bluer than blue, sadder than sad.

Me: (singing too) you're the only life this empty room has ever had.. woohoo.. life without you is gonna be bluer than blue

Husband: gang, unsa gani ang color na mas blue pa sa blue? (honey, what color is bluer than blue?)

Me: unsa? color na mas blue pa sa blue? hmmm.. dark blue! (what? a color that's bluer than blue? hmmm.. dark blue!

Husband: Ahhh, oo diay. (Ahhh, yes indeed.)

mix, mix, mix

Husband: gang, unsa man nga color muresulta if i-mix ang blue ug green? (honey, what color will we get if we mix blue and green?)

Me: blue ug green? (blue and green?)

think, think, think

Me: Jessa! (my cousin) ano gani makuha nga color kung i-mix ang blue kag green?

Jessa: syempre blue green!

Duh! written all over our faces. Hahaha!

Suddenly, I miss coffee and doughnuts. LOLz.


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