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on June 03, 2006

there are two kinds of fire. one, to which moths gather around to share its warmth.. the second, on the other hand, is the kind that destroys.

there are two kinds of people too.


Anonymous said...

interesting thoughts ya got here... thanks for wasting ur time one mine! ^_-

Anonymous said...

oops! sorry... *on pala ndi "one" haha! typo...

Saint Eroica said...

and two kinds of water... bottled and tap! ;)

lukin reloaded said...

"There are two kinds of people too."

One with moths around and one that destroys? ha ha ha.. (just kiddin')

P.S. We're u able to read my thoughts?

nobe said...

hehe. lukin, as they always say.. rotten minds, think alike. LOLz.


nobe said...

thanks to u too ciel!

reading other peoples thoughts is never a waste of time!

nobe said...

P.S.,lukin.. a person with moths around?

well thats interesting!

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