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Single Women

on January 12, 2009

Source: The Internet Dating Guide

Everybody seems to be falling in love these days. In an era of internet dating, mobile phones and the like, everybody seems to be grasping love through gmail and yahoo messenger. LOLz. Guess what? I even found a website featuring quirky (and sometimes adorable) dating profiles. The variety race, religion and gender preference on that site kind of reminds me of UNICEF and United Colors of Benetton. Really.

On the other hand..

Hmmm, one high school friend and classmate broke up with her boyfriend of three years. No, let me correct that --the guy dumped her. The nerve of that guy to break my poor friends heart. Grrr! He’s not even that good looking.

Well, before I blabber out the nasty, I think I will give her some internet dating tips. For sure, there are a lot of internet dating sites out there waiting to be conquered by single women like her.


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