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on December 15, 2008

New money making online schemes keep popping out of the ground like mushrooms in a cold, damp place. They are pretty much everywhere! Among my latest discoveries and the one that creates the most buss is a website called snapbomb. It seems to be a very user-friendly website. The instructions are very easy to understand and it everyone who wants to join doesn’t have to be a genius to figure out what to do next. The registration and approval process was a walk in the park too. So far, I’m satisfied.

On the other hand. it’s never an easy task to distinguish websites that would make you a couple of dollars richer from those that would only waste your time. Geeez, I hate those kind of people, web 2.0 wannabes and do does the rest of the whole blogosphere.

I can’t help being a cynic when it comes to these things, but I’m hoping this new blog marketing / blog advertising site proves me wrong. I’m crossing my fingers now.


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