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First Woman

on December 13, 2008

This was sent to me via e-mail last night at exactly 10:54 PM. Like you, I will merely be a spectator of sorts on how this love story will unfold. In our brief exchange, the sender told me that it is the end of chauvinism.. indeed, it is. But is it the end of love?

I have nothing more to write. The letter already speaks for itself.

[START] with you were a lot of firsts. you're the first woman i
went to mass with, you're the first i've brought
home. you're the first to have meet my family, ikaw
ang unang babaye nga akong gipanguyaban, you're also the
first to have rejected me, ikaw pud ang ang unang nakong
babaye nga nakitan naghilak ug ikaw pud ang unang babaye nga
akong gihilakan...

with you were the happiest moments of my life, to tell you
the truth i haven't laugh for a
while...i drink a lot
because i have fought a losing battle, you know life is so
unfair you give the most wonderful things but you still get
hurt you try to stand for it yet you fall. when i said i
will fight for you, maybe i didn't mean it for i too

have my own share of broken dreams and emotional breakdowns,
i'm not sure i can put up a good fight anymore...i
can't be your friend for just the mere thought of you
being with someone i can't stand,, how much more if i
see you with one. magselos naman gani ko na mag cge diay mo

istorya ni mars. pero you lose nothing much really for like
i said wla koy kwenta na amigo. ..i've given you rosary
coz for me it is a symbol of life, it starts with God and
ends with God, and life like the rosary is full of mysteries

and it's a cycle, mura ra pud cya ug kinabuhi nga mura magcge
ug balik2 pero dili diay to, everyday is
different from yesterday, actually you have the power to
make today better than yesterday, depende ra na nimo unsaon

nimo pagtanaw. some days its going to be glorious, some
sorrowful, and some joyful..and also because i want you to
pray for i really believe in the power of prayer. cast all
your worries to the Lord for He will sustain you.

sorry sa akong gipangbuhat na dili maayo, sorry sa katong
pagkahubog nako,hehe you don't have to worry about that
anymore eh kay dili namn ta magkuyog..sorry gabii nga
niingon ko na gigamit ra ko nimo, unya imo ra ko gibinuangan
i really didn't mean it for you are the most wonderful
woman i've ever met. sorry pud katong niingon ko na
pakipot ka for you are also the most unpretentious woman
i've ever met.

i'm really not sure why i've written this letter,
maybe i'm hoping you would reconsider or maybe its for
closure or maybe i just want to channel my thoughts...hehe
ikaw pud ang una nakong gisuwatan..

anywayz, i wish you all the best in life, hope you will
find what you're looking for...know that i will always
love you....

Copyright 2008 by Vito Y. Holasca Jr. All rights reserved.

It is human nature to love and be happy.. sadly, it is also human nature to build walls and ignore the importance of people who love us, until they are already gone.

To those who can't understand Cebuano, better luck next time.


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