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Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya

on December 08, 2008

The Pambansang Kamao single-handedly brought the whole world down to it's knees yesterday, December 7, 2008, Philippine time. People from all over were forced to utter the name "Pacquiao", no matter how weird or how foreign it may sound. They just had to, because they will be left out on the news about one of boxing's greatest upsets. LOLz.

I'm no boxing fanatic but I am coerced into watching these fights because my husband guards the remote with his life everytime Manny's fights are on. Seriously, He is a symbol of all men, Filipino or not, whose wives (or girlfriends) will probably drop dead if they even get close enough to changing the channel. Hehe.

How the hell did that minute little thing manage to knock down someone as big as Oscar? It defies all laws of physics, common sense and inductive reasoning! Oscar looks to me like he just stood there so he could magically turn into a lifeless punching bag. When the fight ended, he even looked uglier than Manny Pacquiao! Hahaha!

I may have to give up my dreams of becoming a fortune teller because I am one of those who thought that this fight may number one, cause Manny's death, or number two, cause a career ending injury for our national hero.

The best thing about these dream fights though, is that for three full hours, muggers and murderers seem to be too preoccupied to commit a crime. On his crucial hours fighting inside that ring, Manny unknowingly unifies a broken country and it's people. If I were Manny, those blackeyes and bruises will be all worth it.


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