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Marimar Audition

on November 20, 2008

I was I think eight months pregnant and ready to pop when Marimar became a hit TV series. Yep, it's the same series that got me and my husband got hooked for awhile, until we got tired of the seemingly impossible storyline.

I actually stopped watching before I lose all my respect for the writers. They sabotaged a potentially good love story just to squeeze out as much advertisement money as they can out of the poor soap opera.

Everything's forgiven now. It's been a year since so I might as well stop mourning for those 35 hours of wasted time. Anyways, it's GMA (pun intended. LOLz.) who deserves most of the spanking. I must shut up now so you could concentrate in watching this audition video.

I was harboring an evil thought all throughout watching the video. It says "LOOOSERS!". LOLz.


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