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Fast Cash

on October 02, 2008

Things have been a little different since I shifted my career to being a plain housewife. It is quite a relief to think that I don’t have bosses to report to anymore nor do I have high taxes to pay. On the downside, I don’t get to have midnights at starbucks and aimless shopping sprees anymore –and since I’m not working for a big company anymore, it also means my fast cash payday loans benefits will all go down to nada. Buuhuu.

I have no regrets about staying at home though. It gave me more time to nurture our baby and be there to witness almost all the “firsts” in his life. I also get to take care of my husband on the side. LOLz.


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Unknown said...

thanks for the comment.. yah me too..hahah but somebody messaged me who were very interested in putting me a good deal on my blog.. i will work to update it much..hehehe
i have clicked some ads you have on this site.. hope you could return me some clicks as well.. ciao!

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