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Cash Advance

on October 07, 2008

Having a ready-to-wear business is a real pain in the neck, except of course, for a couple of perks here and there. We have to be in a constant hunt for what’s new and what’s going to click with people from all walks of life.

I also learned that there’s a big difference with the “want” business and the “need” business. People will stop to buy rice and sausages in the middle of a typhoon but will reserve their strength to buy a lovely bag for later, if you catch my drift. LOLz.

The biggest problem that we have, however, is the capital. You know, people tend to be greedy most of the time and just like them, we always want to expand, expend, expand. I want to sell high end bags but the capital I need to do that is just brrrr!

I wonder where we can get any more cash advance programs because we already squeezed all of our rich friends and family dry. LOLz.


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