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Before and After

on October 26, 2008


(L-R. Cathy, Giselle, Tiffany,Victoria, Me, Marigold)

How time flies. I can't believe this photo was taken ten years ago. Some of us were still virgins then. LOLz.


(L-R. Victoria, Giselle, Marigold, Tiffany, Cathy, Me)

This photo, on the other hand, was taken on my wedding day. I'm the girl in white (duh!) and those girls in green are the same set of friends I had in high school.


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Susanna-Cole King said...

Aw, time flies, doesn't it? Before you know it, we all grow up! You look beautiful at your wedding, and I think it's so great that you have the same set of friends today! :)


the spool artist said...

wow, it;s great to see you and your friends together after all those years! it's rather rare nowadays so i suggest you keep them close by...


Better Than Coffee said...

@the spool artist: tiffany, hates to see that high school picture of ours. she grew up to be a designer and is esteemed for her fashion sense.

she said she looked like a fish when we were in high school. LOLz.

Better Than Coffee said...

@susanna-cole: thanks. but i wont get all the credit. all brides tend to be the most beautiful on their wedding day. :)

im not even photogenic on my regular days.

Mharms said...

oh yea...time flies like an arrow. nice to see you have ur friends on ur wedding day.

Better Than Coffee said...

@MarlyMS: thanks. :)

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