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on September 14, 2008

I have here two widgets I use on my blogs and on my spammer posts (guilty!) since I started a love-hate relationship with paypal.

I was surprised to see a number of people register under my name. I just hope they make a lot of $200 deposits though, so I could get my $1 for each of them. Whoever said that it's easy to make money online?

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

I got zero, nada, on the donations part though. I guess people's money are better off with the salvation army than with me. I get that. LOLz.

I labeled this donation button with "buy me a bear" because I drinking coffee will probably trigger a nervous breakdown. Yes, that's how sensitive I am to it.

Boohoo, it runs in the blood.

I'm not losing hope though. I'm patiently waiting for any one of my readers to get really really depressed, decide to drink a huge bucket of beer and click on the donate button. LOLz.

The chances of this happening is as thin as air, but I'm not losing hope. Ha!

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