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Movie Mistakes

on September 08, 2008

I used to think it was cool to see small black dots inside a big piece of white paper so I became a regular at the movie mistakes website.

I did that until I got so addicted to finding the mistakes that I already forgot to enjoy the movie and accept is as it is. I felt worse than the critic who thinks that "The Godfather" was a bad movie because Al Pacino was too short for the role.

I realized it's not worth getting pissed off about "the beer color changed to crimson instead of orange" or "the right hand changed position on the next angle", because it defeats the whole purpose of watching a movie.

Nevertheless, it is a cool site. I get to visit once in a while but only after I gave myself much time to be entertained without any form of prejudice.

Now hear this, Apocalypse Now (directed by the great Francis For Coppola) made the most mistakes at 394. How ironic is that?

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