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Nouveau Rich

on September 03, 2008

I first heard the term “nouveau riche” a long time ago and paid no attention to it until I bumped into Bryan Boy’s fashion blog. He is a self proclaimed nouveau riche (which, according to wikipedia means “new riche” in french and refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation) fashionista.

I googled more about it and viola! I bumped into another site that is aptly named Nouveau Riche University as it teaches students the concepts and strategies needed to survive in the real estate industry.

When I saw the website, I thought it had quite a catchy name for a school. Scanning through the pages of the website, I was kind of hesitant to admit my mistake of judging it prematurely.

I was even caught by surprise the moment I knew that they deal with an industry that was not to be taken lightly. Real estate investing is considered as a very competitive endeavor anywhere in the world.

The university promises applied knowledge and creating wealth through successful real estate investing. I mean what’s not to love about making your own money at a relatively young age, right?


Source Website:
Nouveau Riche University
Nouveau Riche University

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