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3D Chalk Art

on August 23, 2008

Julian Beever draws his artwork in busy sidewalks using chalk. Yes, remember the thing our teachers used to write crazy mathematical equations in the blackboard. This ones crazy in it's own way.

At first I didn't get it why anyone would spend a tremendous amount of time drawing something that's just going to be erased by rainwater, but when I knew how famous his insane ideas made him, somehow I understood. LOLz.

I just hope he keeps on obstructing sidewalk traffic with his art because he sure does make a lot of people happy.

I am relieved that there's more from where this came from. Hehe.

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Anonymous said...

He does some pretty awesome work doesn't he? :D

i am nobe. said...

hi spiff,

yep he does! he's a genius!

(and even that is an understatement)

Anonymous said...

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