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U Comment I Follow

on August 03, 2008

LOLz. I got a nosebleed trying to figure out this one but let me just tell how I understand it through a newbies perspective.

Spammers used to leave useless comments on blogs to get higher pagerank because google spiders tend to follow them everytime they post a comment.

I think Google tried to solve the problem by embedding a "no follow" code on every standard blogger template so spammers will have nothing to gain, but as expected, websites didn't receive as much comments anymore.

.. and then came this movement. So how did I do it? It's really easy to do, as soon as I got to understand the concept of it all.


1. Log in to blogger.
2. Go to "Layout"
3. Click on "Edit Html"
4. Check "expand widgets"
5. Click on "edit" (upper left hand corner of your browser, i'm using mozilla)
6. Click on "find"
7. Search all " rel 'no follow' "
8. Delete all " rel 'no follow' "
9. Embed the following widget on your sidebar to let everybody know that you are part of the movement. Get the code here.
10. You're done!

This Blog is part of the U Comment I Follow movement in blogosphere.Means the comment field of this blog is made DOFOLLOW.Spam wont be tolerated.

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Anonymous said...

Heya Nobe!

I didn't realize that you could strip NoFollow tags from Blogger comments but I see you did. Good job!

That's kinda funny since Blogger is owned by Google and they were the ones who started this comment NoFollow business in the first place.

i am nobe. said...

sigh.. internet politics.

Anonymous said...

are you using this in your blog?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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