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Error: Google Sitemap

on August 03, 2008

I haven't figured out what I did wrong after submitting my sitemap to google. I probably encountered all imaginable error message that google invented, since I tried this thing last week.

My guts are already telling me to give up but I refuse to do so. There must be something else I can do for this to work.

I can't believe I'm having a hard time following very simple instructions. I used to fix computers and do technical support for a living, for crying out loud. I'm supposed to be smarter than this! Aaaarrghh!

Moral of the story is, I shouldn't be doing things without fully understanding everything. I should probably read more. I'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why it's referring to your feed and not the site. Your sitemap shouldn't be attempting to map out your feed in the first place, just your site URL's to different pages/posts.

Unfortunately, I left (the old) Blogger years ago and now run my own WordPress install for two blogs so I can't offer any decent suggestions. Still, your sitemap should be working with your site URL's only and never touch your feed if that's what I'm seeing.

Better Than Coffee said...

hi kirk, what i did was actually follow all the steps in bloggertricks.com.

i will have to take a second look. i probably missed something. thanks. :)

Claw Machines said...

its difficult to read your comment because you made it in pop up.

anyway i like to ask how do you submit xml to google for sitemap

i am nobe. said...

oh i see. ill try to fix it today. so it will be easier to comment :)

i am nobe. said...

it's done!


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