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on June 19, 2007

they say that the hottest love will have the coldest end.

why is that so?


Aethen said...

"they say that the hottest love will have the coldest end."

why is that so?

maybe you have consumed it all, and energy has been release to somebody else. a simple energy transfer will explain it.

"energy is neither conserved or destroyed"

just like love it must be constanly be release and absorb by two entities. it is like healping one another to have that heat in the relationship.

what happen here is that, usually when too much heat is release excessively and both of you reach the climax of it. Overheat will result. and if that's the case, one tend to cool down.;)

do i make a clear explanation for that? hehehe

i am nobe. said...

well thats a good way to look at it. :)

Anonymous said...

siguro...........kung mag divorce, sa isip ko so cold na.......diba?

noon init na init...pag-wla na...cold pa sa snow or ice..........

thanks for sharing....

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