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on August 10, 2006

it was my first day in our new boarding house and i was hanging around the balcony with my roomates when one of the neigborhood guys passed by and looked up to me point blank, as i was sitting in the darkest corner.

he had very nice eyes.. but it did not compensate for the feeling gwapo, over-confident, irritating, playboy looking, feeling gods-gift-to-women guy introduced to me at the house blessing a couple of days after.

the mere sight of him gives me two boiling points and a mini heart attack. it was only after i spurned all his teasing and chasing that he decided ou being mutual enemies become a mutual decision.

i would throw things at him from the balcony as he would get drunk with his friends and curse at me in secret.

he would ask me to go biking and leave me all alone in the road as i would run away each time he tries to approach me in public.

a cat-and-dog relationship saw friendlier days, but not us. END OF STORY.

NOTE: that neighborhood guy, eventually became my boyfriend. :)


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