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on June 10, 2006

lolo cried when he recieved an award as head of our family for two reasons.

one, because its the ulirang pamilya award.
two, he noticed that he is the poorest among all the awardees. LOLz.


Roanne said...

you should be proud of your lolo! i haven't really felt a lolo's presence since mine died at an early age. my lola was 27 (i think so) that then, so she was a widow for quite a long time. and that makes me proud of her, my lola. she never had any husband after that, and all she really thinks about is our security. i think she also deserves to have such accolade since she (as the head of the family) raised my mom and my tita...and me. :)

this entry makes me teary-eyed.

Isulong mo,
roanne :)

i am nobe. said...

my mom told me that story.. she was teary eyed to.

maybe she regretted not being able to come and come up the stage with lolo.

she had work u know. :(

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