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on June 01, 2006

i was in college when i watched this de lasalle play featuring a bare breasted ifugao character played by a thespian who obviously did it for arts sake.

as expected, all the engineering boys went to the side of the stage and cheered on the performer like they would in a striptease club. LOLz.


Unknown said...

I don't know why they always feature Ifugao women naked....if they were naked that would probably way back in history because I have never seen people in my that province(btw, I hail from that province), naked....butt naked off course for the men because of the G-string, but women being bare breasted, I don't know how far way back in history were they topless. In present time, they are still a very conservative society and in my entire life I haven't seen anybody topless walking around.

i am nobe. said...

really? well thats very informative.

oh but dont mind those guys. thats was supposed to be an intelligent theatre masterpiece, and all they saw and heard was "n-a-k-e-d".

poor boys. LOLz.

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