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on April 26, 2006

shes had a hard time giving up any of the two guys..

the only reasonable thing i could have said to her was, "in the history of all relationships, i have never seen anyone succeed at two timing."

now, shes on the verge of losing both.

Confused Heart Spell


Peter said...

Very nice BLOG. If you have the time, please visit my FINDING YOUR INNER BLOG site. I have step-by-step instructions for changing the links to your BLOG (i.e. Edit-Me).

Stay Gold!

i am nobe. said...

hi peter. tnx for the comment.

yeah, im having a hard time editing my blog.. especially the format.

id like to adjust the width and the length of the boxes for my blog entries so it would be more "reader-friendly".

dont call me stupid. i really dont know how to do it.

hope u cud help me. :)

Anonymous said...

i used to have a friendster blog that looks similar to this.

the friednster blog that i have has a link for ALL COMMENTS.

i am having difficulty with this one becasue i still have to scan thru all my blog entries just to view the comments.

heres the link to my old friendster account.. you can spot the link to all the comments at the right side of the screen..


any one who can help?

Luisa said...

i love this enrty this is reaLLY TRUE

i am nobe. said...


but were humans.. vulnerable.

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