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Closet Writer

on October 28, 2008

CONFESSION: I am a closet writer. Not that it's a big deal or anything but I write stories and anonymously post them on the internet under an alias.

Now my husband knows my secret. He accidentally read a text message from one of my "internet friends" and is so happy about his recent discovery. Grr! Now he calls me by that goodness gracious pen name everytime I sit too long in front of the computer.

All I wanted was to release my inner turmoil and be forgotten. All that childish teasing makes me want to strangle that damn husband of mine. (curse! curse!)


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Frances said...

Is it Vivien Leigh? Or Scarlet O'Hara? =)

i am nobe. said...

@frances: none of the above. but close. hahaha!

let me keep it to myself. it's not that biga secret in our household though. damn that husband of mine! LOLz.

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