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Chuck Bass!

on November 01, 2008

To avoid the risk of sounding like a sex starved school girl, I will start by simply saying that I love watching Gossip Girl. Aside from Herroes and CSI: Miami, it's the only series that caught my very short attention span.

Ok, this is when I lose all my composure. I EFFING LOVE CHUCK BASS! --and obviously, 95% of the whole female population do too. LOLz.

I haven't felt this way for any TV character since, what, Kenshin Himura? Ok, I take that back. I forgot. Kenshin is not human. LOLz.

I don't know, there's just be something awfully special about someone who can make attempted rape and red slacks look sexy. Seriously, what would Gossip Girl be without him?


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