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Classic Jewelry

on September 12, 2008

Once again, I have a funny anecdote to tell you, my dear readers.

One fine day my husband was bragging about our wedding band to his friend Paul who, incidentally, was also getting married in a few months time.

Now they are both wearing the same wedding band in the office. My husband always jokes around that he needs to stay away from that silly friend of his because they might be mistaken for husband and wife. LOLz.

Moving on.. I chanced upon a posh website for classic jewelry. The site is really simple but it looks classy. I'm not really a fan of the gold and diamond kind but the things I see in this website are just wow. They have the whole nine yards of jewelry, from Stud Earrings (which, by the way, my husband REALLY loves to wear) to even the most disarming Diamond Pendant.

The Three Stone Ring will remain a myth and a mystery though. It really looks expensive!

Just a thought, the girl on the website's homepage really looks like Rachel McAdams. It's eerie. Whatever, the fact that she starred in one of the most romantic love films of all time is probably not just a coincidence. (Wink)


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jewelry said...

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i am nobe. said...

wow, ur website looks nice. is madonna one of your customers? :)

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