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on August 03, 2008

Bloggerwave is a scam. They did not credit my paypal account with the $10 I was supposed to get after posting a review about the company and letting it sit on my site for a month. Big surprise, customer care is not answering my emails.

Do these people even have an idea that their smiling faces are posted on a scam site's homepage?

Grrrr! I just wasted my 150 precious words on something that isn't even worth it. (Sob)

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Nick Phillips said...

As fas I know they paid me, so it really isn't a scam ...

i am nobe. said...

hi nick, i really dont know why these guys folded. maybe everything started out great for them. but with the fierce competition. i think something went wrong along the way. :)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing. you should keep working like that to spread the knowledge

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