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on April 08, 2006

are you gonna stay with the one who loves you? Or are you going back to the one you love?

jaycee says:to the one i love
JaneT says:
the one sho loves methats my final decision
martha says:
going back
jade~21 says:
im going to fgo with the one i love and of course he also loves me!
april says:
the one i loveso what are the sanctions
ctc_ivy@hotmail.com says:the hu loves meits hard to let sum1 love uand it is easier to learn to luv sum1hu luvs u
jaymee says:
the one who loves youit may be selfish......but you will learn to love the person by and by
elaine says:
i will always stay for all the people i love even how far i am, i will always be there for the people who loves me.... and i will stay forever (the whole me) with the person i love most ( as long as he loves me and wants me to be with him)
ctc_audrey says:
id choose d one hu loves me. as long as theres physical attraction.ma-develop ra baya ang girl basta gukdon.
sunshine says:
the one i love
charles simon says:
probably the one i love....
judy says:
i chose the lattereven though u'l go back 2 d 1hu loves uit's possible na u won't b happybetter sa love mo
Daniel says:
goin back to the one i love
ronie says:
ako, i'm gonna stay with the one who loves mei think i can love him back in due time
Leigh says:
i dont know dont ask me that question
chelsea says:
its case to case basiswat if kung d nako love sang akon naluyagan?
trisha says:
someone's gonna cry if they know they lost u..
aLLy says:
dats a tough question.... im also confused w/ dat. to be safe ill follow my heart...
A M O R says:
stay with the one who loves me
Alison says:
i think neither of the options will work, you'll not gonna be happy if only one person has love in a relationship i'll just wait for the right time when I can love and the person will love me in return
ctc_kurt says
the one who loves me is the one i loveso im gonna stay

this is actually what people talk about on lazy friday mornings at the office. LOLz.

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