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on April 07, 2006

i tend to say words and do things i dont mean, to hurt people.. why?

one day, a scorpion asked a frog to let him ride on his back to cross the other side of the river.. the frog declined, for fear that the scorpion might bite him while on the way.. the scorpion insisted, telling the frog that he is not foolish enough to bite the frog and let BOTH of them drown in the river.

convinced by the scorpions explanation, the frog agreed to carry the scorpion on his back.. while swimming midway through the river, the scorpion suddenly bit the frog's back with his venomous sting..
the frog looked at the scorpion and asked, "WHY?"

before drowning, the scorpion just stared at him blankly and replied, "..its in my nature."

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