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on April 07, 2006

the letter was dated december 8, 1998.

in badly handwritten words it wrote:

"just do me a favor this christmas, if ever you find a boyfriend and you got one or two already, make sure that he is a good guy - with a generous heart that would accept his faults and would love you more than anything on this world and always be faithful to you. thats what really matters to me little sister, because you mean so special to me and i am always hoping and praying for the best in you and for you.please always remember me everytime a tear may fall in your eyes. think of me and pray to God because he always listens to you and he will always help you. think of my kisses in youe forehead and remeber that your big brother is always on your side, guarding you."

i almost forgot how badly i have wounded him, my funny and weird big brother.

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